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Workplace Mold Questions and Answers

     Q. Sept. 21, 2014. “I have been working in a mold infested office for nearly two years now. My Immediate supervisor and manager have both been trying to get help for nearly two years but upper management has denied us help. I work for a multibillion dollar corporation with terminals and offices all over the US and Canada. We have been told by inspectors that our office is completely saturated with black mold and should be replaced but we are still working in it. I have been sick for the last 2 years with numerous illnesses and have had to use vacation time or go with no pay. Do I have a justified case of gross negligence against my employer? I am tired of being sick and feeling horrible all of the time,” workplace mold victim in Texas.

     A. 1. Your first step is to document with mold testing that your office is infested with elevated levels of toxic mold growth.  You and your associates should use your own personal money hire a Certified Environmental Hygienist, Professional Industrial Hygienist, or Certified Industrial Hygienist to do a thorough mold inspection and testing of your office workplace. 2. If the hygienist’s report documents that you are working in an elevated level of dangerous, toxic mold species (in comparison to the hygienist’s outdoor mold control test), mail the report via certified US mail to the president or chief executive officer of your company, your local building inspector, your local health department, your state’s occupational safety and health agency, and to your local newspaper, radio, and TV stations. You will get quick and meaningful results from after you have notified all of these contacts. 3.  Please note that it is a violation of both federal and most states’ laws for an employer to fire or otherwise punish an employee who is a “whistle blower” about an environmental or safety danger at work. Fired or disciplined “whistle blowers” can collect large legal damages by suing an irresponsible employer that takes such illegal retaliation. 4. To learn about your legal rights as a workplace mold victim, consult with a local attorney who specializes in mold litigation.  Type the name of each nearby major city plus “mold attorney” into the search window of a major search engine to locate mould lawyers in your area. 5. You can also learn all about prosecuting and defending mold legal claims by reading Phillip Fry’s 400 page ebook Mold Legal Guide, available for email attachment delivery from 6. Learn all about the top 100 mold-related illnesses on the home page of and from reading Mr. Fry’s ebook Mold Health Guide. To schedule mold inspection and testing of a workplace, commercial building, or
home in most areas of the USA, contact----►Arizona, California, and Nevada. Certified Environmental Hygienist Lee Maglanoc.  Phone 602-757-1918. Email: Website: and
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Q. Aug. 23, 2014. I just started a job a few months ago and one of the duties of my job  is to assist in document retention.  These boxes of old documents are all kept in the basement that has had flooding prior.  All employees know that there is mold down there and the documents have been raised from the floor that they were stored on by putting the cardboard  boxes onto plastic stands.  I have been asked to reorganize all documents and boxes. Prior to accepting this job, I did explain that I was allergic to mold.  I worked two hours today down there (because my other office mate will not due to asthma) and developed a headache, swelling of my sinuses and itchy skin.  Can I refuse to work in such conditions without making my boss upset?
      A. Your boss's requiring you to work with, or to be exposed to, moldy documents is likely to cause you severe and potentially permanent health problems. Employers, in general, must provide a safe workplace for their employees to work in. Bringing moldy documents form a moldy basement into your office area is going to mold cross-contaminate your entire office and its heating/cooling system, which will cause widespread employee mold health problems and start big-time mold growth everywhere in your office.  Before these documents can be safely worked on, the moldy basement and all of the mold-exposed documents should be professionally mold decontaminated and then tested for mold after such decontamination. You should show a copy of this email to your supervisor. If your supervisor still requires you to put your health at risk in this way, brining the problem to the attention of the company manager and/or owner, the local health department, your state Occupational and Safety Health Administration, and local news media. In service, Phillip Fry, Professional Industrial Hygienist, Certified Environmental Hygienist

Q. Sept. 21, 2012. I am writing on behalf of my mother who has been exposed to mold in her workplace. She has been seen by a doctor through workmans comp as she was coughing up mucus and has been put on an antibiotic. She suffered from a severe case of pneumonia a few months ago and it seems some symptoms are returning. The board of directors and head personnel are refusing to get the mold tested or even deal with this issue. The operation has been shut down for the time being. One of her employees is so sick (very severely ill) that he has an attorney now who advised him to get samples and take photos. This employee has gone to the board to ask for $1,000 to get the mold tested. I do not believe they are even responding to this request. I have read conflicting data about whether testing the mold even matters because standards vary widely. Should she retain her own counsel for this issue? It's difficult to know just how serious this is or if it's becoming blown out of proportion?
A. The fact that the employees are getting mold-related illnesses in the workplace is a good reason for the employees to pay for their own mold inspection and testing of the workplace, using either a Certified Mold Inspector or do it yourself mold test kits. Since the employer won't pay for mold testing, the employees need to be the ones to do it. A big bonus from the employees doing their own mold testing is getting truthful, accurate mold testing results directly from the mold lab. Relying on the employer to provide fair and honest mold test results is a mistake. Workplace mold infestation is a big violation of the employer's responsibility to provide an environmentally safe workplace.  You, your mother, and her co-workers would be helped big-time by reading three of my mold advice ebooks: (1) Mold Health Guide; (2) Mold Legal Guide; and (3) Do It Best Yourself Mold Inspection, Testing, Remediation, and Prevention, all available in the five book Mold Library for only $49 for email attachment delivery from Mold Products.  They should also visit the website Workplace Mold.  If I can be of further help, please email me----Phillip Fry, mold consultant, Certified Environmental Hygienist, Certified Mold Inspector, and Certified Mold Remediator.

Q. (Feb. 24, 2012) I have worked for the same manufacturing company off and on for about 30 years. We make metal parts, which require the use of plywood and OSB to pack the parts and ship them out. The reason I am write is the fact that I have smelled mildew coming from the wood for years and have recently noticed my health not being 100% with aches and pains throughout my body and continuous coughing. I have found out that most of the wood that is sent out is usually stored outside in the elements and is almost always sent back to us wet. We then store it in our dry good area until it is needed again. There are times when you can smell the mildew smell throughout the entire shop and I have seen mold on the wood stored. How dangerous is this and how would I go about reporting something like this without endangering my job?
A. The workplace mold you smell and see on the plywood and OSB used for shipping products your company makes is very dangerous to your health and to the health of your co-workers. Being exposed on a regular basis to elevated levels of indoor mold can cause up to a hundred different mold symptoms and mold illnesses, a complete list of which you can read on the home page of the Mold Inspector website. Your health problems, especially your chronic coughing, are likely to be the result of your continuous exposure to workplace mold.  Your employer has an obligation to provide you with an environmentally-safe workplace---your workplace is not safe because of the elevated level of mold exposure. Show this reply to your company owner, president, or manager, and ask management to fix this problem by: (1) getting rid of (burning preferably) all of the present accumulation of moldy shipping materials; and (2) buying new shipping materials which have been visually inspected to be mold-free and which are kept INDOORS to avoid becoming wet and therefore mold-producing. If your management does not take care of the problem, you can contact anonymously your state's occupational and safety health administration agency to alert it of your facility's mold problems and ask for a safety inspection of your employer's facility. If you get fired for reporting a safety hazard like mold problems, your company could receive a large fine from the safety agency and you would have grounds for a major lawsuit against your employer. You should also learn all about workplace mold problems by visiting Workplace Mold.  In the mean time, please read my indepth 2012 edition Mold Health Guide, only $15 and available to you for email attachment delivery from Mold Mart. If I can be of further help, please email me. Thanks, Phillip Fry, Certified Environmental Hygienist

     Q. October 5, 2011. Thank you. I received your Mold Legal Guide book just fine. Looks like you put a LOT of work into that subject! My wife has allergies and was subjected to many months of mold exposure in a “sick building”. The roof leaked and moldy ceiling tiles were coming down while water dripped into buckets. The dehumidifier was leaking and injecting mold through the duct work. We took mold samples and had them diagnosed. A strong presence was documented. Nothing was done for the longest time, and then it was just a superficial wipe down. Her body system broke down and she has lost much time from work, had developed asthma and extreme sensitivity. She can no longer go outside, let alone open our windows to regulate the home temperatures. She was transferred to a “new” building, and slowly began deteriorating again. A leak was found here too, but not nearly so bad. The doctor ordered her off work for six weeks. Upon returning, she had a headache within 10 minutes, and started passing out after two hours. Her allergy doctor was only a few blocks away, and she headed there. She passed out as she approached the building and was startled awake as she hit the door. Allergist knew she was coming, and had epipen waiting. They gave her 5 doses! And after 45 minutes on oxygen, she had a saturation level of only 11% !!!!! All this in a STATE FACILITY building !!! The response we are having is dismal. They simply ignore us. Want her to quit, or go on disability. Ultimately, we have learned, the original building was abandoned. We have retained an attorney, but often I feel that she is not really attuned to the mold issue. Seems that not many people, even doctors have any idea what can happen once one’s immune system has been compromised. This is a VERY frustrating, brick wall, uphill experience and has completely changed our lives. Thanks again for the Mold Legal Guide. Hope we can glean some bits that will make a difference in this case.
     A. I'm sorry that your wife has suffered so much because of workplace mold.  As you already know, most attorneys are mold ignorant.  You ought to buy an additional copy of my Mold Legal Guide for us to deliver by email attachment to your attorney so that she will be much more knowledgeable about mold legal issues.   May I also suggest that you also buy two copies of my book Mold Health Guide, one copy for you and your wife, and one for your attorney.
The books are available for email attachment delivery from  Because your wife's mold sickness happened at work, the most likely legal remedy your attorney will find helpful is to do what your wife's employer is thinking about---your wife's going on disability. But not just Social Security Disability, but for your attorney to consider helping your wife file a worker's compensation claim against the State..  In most states, workers' can only make claims against an employer for employment-health caused problems through each state's worker's compensation program, and there is a bar against non-worker's comp lawsuits against an employer.  Ask your attorney to research about how to win a worker's comp mold case against her employer. If I can be of further help to you and your attorney, I am here to serve you, Phillip Fry, Certified Environmental Hygienist

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