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Picture of toxic mold growth above the ceiling of an office workplace in Memphis Tennessee.
Advanced and health-threatening mold above the suspended ceiling in an office workplace in Memphis, Tennessee. Picture taken January, 2013.
Picture of advanced ceiling tile mold growth in a Memphis, Tennessee, office workplace.
Large toxic mold growth in the ceiling tile of a workplace office in Memphis, Tennessee.
Worker or Employee Mold Exposure in the Workplace

     Exposure to elevated levels of indoor mold at work in the workplace building and environment can cause serious health damage to workers, visitors, and customers.

     The employer has a legal duty and obligation to both employees and customers to provide a safe work environment and safe shopping environment, and that includes no mold at work. Knowingly tolerating and not correctly quickly and effectively elevated levels of indoor mold at work in the workplace is a clear violation of the employer's legal duty to provide a safe workplace.

     Workplace mold is often hidden inside the employer's furniture, fixtures, and equipment, plus on and inside the employer's building walls, ceiling, floor (especially carpeting and padding), ceiling (especially drywall and ceiling tiles), attic, basement, crawl space, and most often inside heating and air conditioning equipment and ducts, as well as inside window or wall air conditioners.

     The employer or the employees can test the mold safety of the workplace by using do it yourself mold test kits or the services of a Certified Mold Inspector.

     Read the 25 mold removal and mold remediation steps that the employer should take to get rid of workplace mold.

     Advise your employees of the mold inspection and mold remediation steps you are taking to take care of their workplace mold problem.

Workplace and Employer-Employee
Mold Inspection & Remediation Resources

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National Institute of Environmental Health SciencesNational Institutes of Health

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (a division of the U.S. Public Health Service's National Institutes of Health) has published guidelines for the protection and training of workers engaged in maintenance and remediation work associated with mold.

California Workplace Mold Lawsuit $440,000 Settlement

On October 5, 2010, San Diego mold attorney Jeff LaFave (along with his co-counsel) settled a workplace mold exposure lawsuit for $440,000.   The plaintiff alleged that she was no longer able to work as a result of fatigue and other symptoms she suffered after being exposed to chronic water damage, musty smells and toxic mold growth in her office in a building in San Bernardino, California.  Her husband also made a loss of consortium claim based on how the injuries to his wife affected him.  The two brought suit against the building owner and the property management company.

Court Award for Workplace Mold

Courts are looking for “competent evidence” of a solid link between mold in the workplace and injuries allegedly caused by spores. Read more...

FREE Mold Advice Hotline
Workplace Mold Questions and Answers

The Dangerous Stachybotrys Mold Discovered
in the Air in 46% of Offices Surveyed

Forty-six percent of offices surveyed for airborne mold concentrations had the airborne mold species Stachybotrys chartarum (considered by mold expert Phillip Fry and many other mold specialists to be the most dangerous indoor mold species).

Adult-Onset Asthma from Workplace Mold Exposure

“(This health study) results provide new evidence of the relation between workplace exposure to indoor molds and development of asthma in adulthood. Our findings suggest that indoor mold problems constitute an important occupational health hazard,” reported the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, as published in Environmental Health Perspectives, May, 2002. The Finnish workplace mold study estimated that the percentage of adult-onset asthma attributable to workplace mold exposure to be 35.1%.

"I Get Headaches At Work"

Job pressures and today's economic uncertainties as to whether you will be able to keep your job are certainly headache producing but exposure to mold at work might also be a cause of your work place headaches.  Even exposure to elevated levels of mold for a few hours can cause headaches and other mold health symptoms.  Prolonged exposure can cause chronic headaches and impair your mental functioning, such as difficulty in thinking and remembering. Exposure to Stachybotrys toxic mold in the workplace can cause permanent brain damage.

Employee's Respiratory Ailment Stemming from
Workplace Mold Lands Employer in Court for Alleged Violation of Americans with Disabilities Act

A federal court ruling demonstrates how workplace mold as a health and safety problem can mushroom into complaints under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Read more...

Mold Sick Employees Can Collect Worker's Compensation

For the first time in the United States, an employee has successfully won workers’ compensation benefits for mold exposure, even though the industry involved normally has no greater exposure to mold than any other. 

Black mold exposure has caused tens of thousands of people to become sick—but most of those cases involve mold growing in people’s homes. Mold exposure litigation has flooded courts nationwide. This North Carolina case is unique because the state court of appeals has now ruled that mold exposure may be covered by workers’ compensation.

Shortly after his auto dealership was remodeled, Steven R. Jones, general manager and minority partner in Steve Jones Auto Group in Aberdeen, began experiencing coughing, burning in his nose and mouth, headaches, lack of energy and memory problems.

The culprit was black mold. The contractor had failed to seal an outside wall properly, which allowed in moisture—and a toxic bloom of mold to grow. Jones and the contractor that botched the remodeling job ultimately settled the matter for $1 million. 

But Jones also filed a workers’ compensation claim, saying his symptoms were work-related. The dealership’s workers’ comp carrier countered that car dealerships are no more prone to mold exposure than any other business, so the condition was not work-related. 

The North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled that, because Jones’ employment caused a greater exposure to mold-related disease than he would have had if he weren’t employed and because the disease was caused by workplace conditions, his reaction was an occupational disease and covered by workers’ comp.  Courtesy of

Canadian Workplace Mold Law

The Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Act places a responsibility on constructors, employers, and supervisors to ensure
the health and safety of workers, and this includes protecting workers from mould in workplace buildings. Read more...

How Employers and Commercial Landlords Can
Maintain a Mold-Safe Workplace

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